Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dear Prince Charming

Dear Prince Charming,

You will soon find out im not your ordinary cinderella, i dont need your castle, or your money, and your horse doesnt impress me. id rather go on a hike with you thanto your mother's stuffy ball. and i may not care much for my evil step mother or step sisters but i do love taking care of people. I dont need you to be perfect, in fact youd bore me if you were. I dont need you to have all the answers, or to always be able to fix everything for me. I dont need you to always be strong, thats why im here, although there are times when your strength will be the only thing keeping me going. I dont need to be with you 24 hours a day, but to just know you miss me. I dont need to be the most important person in your life but to know that im important. I dont need for you to always have it together, or to always mind your manners, i just need a thank you every once in awhile. i dont need you to be fake or act like everythings alright, i need your honesty. I dont need to never fight, just to grow closer thru it all. I dont need you to have unrealistic expectations nor will i have them for you. I dont need the perfect little life with the safe little plan, i need adventure with you by my side. I dont need for you to match others expectations of who or what you should be. Even if your unsure of who or what you want to be, know that im here and will support you in anything no matter how out there it may seem to other princesses. I dont need a perfect life with my perfect prince, i just need the one guy just right for me, the one who will grab my hand and promise me that we will try our hardest not to repeat our parents mistakes and that will understand we'll make our own. Thats the only Prince Charming this Unusual Cinderella will ever need.

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