Thursday, February 2, 2012

Its Ok!

Its Ok Thursdays

Its okay that im a terrible blogger and neglect my poor blog more often than not!
Its okay that after a certain time of day i know nothing else productive will happen!

Its okay to get frustrated sometimes, even when you get frustrated at something your lucky to have (work, friends, family)

Its okay to want to spend my weekends in bed the whole time because i'm so busy every other day

Its okay to put my tax refund in savings instead and my car payment because its not as big as i'd like.

Its okay that i really want to start blogging about my weight loss, i think it would help keep me on track

Its okay that i plan to do so after this weekend, momma just bought me a new box of cinnamon toast crunch and its got my name all over it!!!

Its okay to just be in a funk sometimes

Its okay to still not have totally unpacked from Passion (first week in January!!)

Its okay to after a year at my job still be excited to have Fridays off!

Its okay to be having some crazy dreams as the result of a new medicine (OK maybe that's not okay)

Its okay to be in love with a new app because it tracks your sleeping habits and wakes you up at the best possible time based on how deeply your sleeping! worth all 99 cents! 

Its okay to reread the same book, just because you loved it so much!

Its okay to be pretty darn excited about my new nephew!!! now i just need him to hurry up! 

Its okay to throw old junk away from my office even though everyone else around here likes to hold on to things forever!!!!! like seriously we have attendance sheets in the attic from like 10 years ago!!! 

Its okay to be ready to go home already! 

Whats okay in your life?



  1. I'm not the greatest with keeping up with my blog eaither! I get Mondays off from work every week and I'm still excited about that after 3 YEARS at my job, haha! What is the sleep app called? I need it!

    1. Its called sleep cycle its amazing! and i love waking up and seeing how i slept the night before

  2. fun list!!

    aww,congrats on your nephew!! being an aunt is pretty awesome!