Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wee Bit More MEE

{one} ice: crushed or cubed?
Crushed all the way!!

{two} what is your worst traffic pet peeve?
I'm a very safe driver but i HATE HATE HATE when people dont use you blinker! or ride my tail, or drive with their brights on! (I'm really very calm behind the wheel)

{three} what room in your house best represents your personality?
My room for sure, expectally since i still live at home. I cant wait to move out and nest

{four} do you save old birthday cards?
I do, although they are in a million different places

{five} when was the last time you went on a picnic?
oh goodness umm a few summers ago, a bunch of us from church went.

{six} do you regularly check your horoscope?
nope, never.

{seven} when you’re home, what do you wear on your feet?
socks usually, slippers (ninja turtle of course) or flip flops

{eight} what’s your favorite gambling game?
i don't gamble so i dont know

{nine} have you ever written (or started writing) a book?
not past the cover. It will be me just staying they with a whatever kind of look and the title will be "I'm Just Sayin Is All"

{ten} what is your favorite musical?
Oh this is a killer!! I'm a musical kind of girl! it would probably be a tie between Grease, Crazy for You, and Rent!


  1. I totally know how you feel about wanting to move out! My wife and I lived with her parents up until December of last year, so we're really enjoying decorating our own place. ^_^

    Stopping by from Leigh Ashley's - hi!

  2. I love Grease so much! Both the stage version and the movie versions are awesome! Rent is definitely one of my favorites, I wish that I would have gotten to see it on stage though!

    Visiting from Leigh Ashley's!