Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sasha Lately...

 Some friends and I signed up for the Augusta Color Run last night! We wanted to do it last year in Atlanta but it fill up super fast, so when we found out it was coming to Augusta this year we jumped on it quickly! Well as quickly as five 20-something girls can do anything :-)

 I can not think of a better experience for my first 5K, I'm really hoping to do more through the year.

Our team name ladies and gentleman :-) So fitting of us girls! 

So 2013 has start off with a freshness unlike any year i can remember, everything seems new and fresh and everything seems to be firing on all cylinders (man i just let my tomboy show!) 
I think most of this can be contributed to my new found passion for the Lord, i have always loved Him and desired to spend time with Him but He really got a hold of me recently about putting in the effort on my part, and i am doing my best to uphold my end of the deal. 

This year i have seen multiple and bloggers posting about their resolutions for the new year, and i don't have a list like usual this year. Instead i have verses that the Lord has really laid on my heart and even some quotes i've found while on blogs and Pinterest that He has just set on fire in my heart. So i want to share some of the things He has set in my heart to strive for this year, yes i still have goals for the year, but i want the goals i have for my life to be God centered. I don't want to get in shape simply for my clothing sake, i want to get  into shape because my body is a temple God has given me, and one He send the Holy Spirit to dwell in  and i want to make it the best possible vessel i can.

These first two are the verses God has given me over and over again to start out this year.

Ephesians 3:2- Lord i want to dare to dream the dreams You have for me again, because i know You can do even more than that! 

Luke 1:45- Lord i will hold on to Your promises even when the way You choose to set them into place doesn't always make sense to me.

This is the new mission for my life! 

What are your plans for the new year? Any new verses popping up in your heart?  


  1. Hi there! Popped over from Pinterest- I absolutely love all the inspirational quotes and memes- such an inspiring post! Thanks for sharing