Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh How I Wish...

I still had a summer vacation, taking a break from school and getting a real job was the best decision of my life, being in the real world and not having summer vacation is FOR THE BIRDS!!!

Although no traffic on my way to work is GREAT!!


Any ways i need to catch yall up on a few things happening in my life.

I attended a dear friends wedding this weekend, it was so beautiful, I am so excited for her and her new husband, I haven't known for for to long but i can see this difference he has made in her life, and just how happy he makes her, she deserves it so its truly an amazing thing to see.
(Me and Audra Kate, ready for the wedding)

I LOVE my church family and the ones in attendance at the wedding were an absolute riot!! From their dancing skills, to their laughing across the room at each other, Oh and their match making skills! As one of the single girls at Grace whenever we go ANYWHERE, or anyone new comes to Grace most of the church esp. the ladies try to marry us single girls off, this wedding was NO different!! By the end of the night i had been given the DJ's number several times, been married off to a guy from church, and this lovely thing landed in front of me! 

I am never one to go up for the bouquet but after being forced by a SWEET friend, i went and stood in the back, i never try to get it when i am made to go stand with the other single girls , however this one came directly at me! it fell at my feet and i realized i better pick it up, i could hear the lovely people of Grace Baptist explode in cheers and laughter, you have to LOVE such a supportive church family!!! 

I love weddings, so this was a perfect way to spend an usually crazy busy weekend! 

A few weeks ago i took a mental health day from life, i napped, laid around and when i finally got out of bed i went and hung out with friends by the pool, it was much needed since life/work have been so busy and stressful lately! While sitting by the pool chatting with friends one of my best friends said something that hit me like a ton of bricks, she is my best friend and has always been the super pretty skinny girl, i was always so frummby compared to her. She had a sweet baby girl last year and since then does not have the same body she use to, she is still ridiculously pretty however i know how insecure she feels about her body, we were talking and she said her sister in law invited her to the gym, she said she declined the offer, however she went on to say how being the way she was currently was a choice, even if she didn't like it all the time, she would deal with it when she got ready. DANG! I have always struggled with my weight, and have even struggled with an eating disorder during high school. I have always been able to loose weight with whatever fade diet i was on at the time but it was always some crash diet, never really any excersie. I was doing well last summer eating better, working out a few times a week but as soon as i stopped i gained it all back, i always gain it all back. Her comment just made me realize what a decision I was making and not even realizing it, I want to be healthy, i want to get back into shape i want to loose the weight and keep it off like i always promise myself i will. I am currently looking further into what this will look like for me, i know how to eat healthy however now being on a gluten free diet (allergy reasons) i need to know what a balanced healthy diet looks like. Any suggestions? 

I plan to take progression picture for every 10lbs i loose and keep up with my weight loose and goals on here,  I don't want to be super skinny (that was always the goal before) i just want to be a healthy BMI for my height and age. 

Please stay tuned for more details about what i am doing and how i am doing it. I have been making a decision in the past to stay unhealthy, however now i am making a decision to get kind to my body and get it into the shape it was meant for. 

Here's to healthy living!


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