Friday, September 5, 2014

Grown up get in your junk friends

On nights like tonight i am reminded what amazing friends i have. We have a little group Audra, The Jar(r)ed's and I get together as often as we can and we always have a great time. But more importantly than the laugh, jokes, or insults we can playfully sling at one another we are truly friends. Not the fake kind that tells you what you want to hear all the time but the real grown up get in your junk when you need it friends and i am so grateful for that kind of relationship. They are people i know will tell me the trust weather i want to hear it or not and will love me through whatever i am going through. The older i get the more thankful i am for the friends i have like this and honestly i probably have more than most. I always joke Audra is my sandpaper friend and although i say it jokingly its really true. She tests me, she holds my feet to the fire, calls me on the carpet all while managing to love me through whatever it is I'm going through. I believe the older we get the more we start to cherish the things that use to drive us crazy while we were growing up. The more we realize our parents were right about a few things. My daddy always says to pick your friends carefully and he is right on the money on that one and i am so glad i have great ones! 



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