Monday, August 16, 2010


So in many ways i dont have closure and prehaps never will, and honestly im fine with that. im done being used, im done being fake, im done being to nice, im done choosing you over great people, im dont with you selfish, child like, woh is me crap! ive done alot of crappy stuff to people to who really cared about me and i cant take that back, i can only move on and learn from it. and the truth is as much as i want to scream and yell this has made me see whos really here for me and why the ones that arent dont matter. on other notes i feel like im finally starting to get this whole thing, the focusing on God and everything else just falls into place things. its not the easiest thing but im excited where its going. im excited that i only have friends and only have to see them that way and dont have to worry or analys because im free to just be me. alot of things are starting to fall into place, ive still got along way to go but ive accomplished alot of what ive set out to do recently and that excites me. and i intend to stay focused and keep my boundires and goals set and clear. So ready, set, here we go!

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