Friday, October 24, 2014

Quite Days...

The different topics that are currently swirling through my mind are to numerous for one blog post and honestly a few of them would probably get me in trouble. Some times on quite days when my phone barely rings and i am over whelmed with lit i wonder if i am truly on the path i am suppose to be. Are the people in my life there because of me or God, am i filling my time up with things and tasks of my own doing or from God's will. But then i think sometimes God uses a quite day to make me simply focus on Him. As the devil comes along and whispers in my ear how unappreciated i am my God tells me i am loved enough for Him to quite everyone else so my heart can simply rest in Him. I am not good at being still. In fact i spend most of my time avoiding it. I am constantly on the go, between work, the gym, church, friends, family and school i am always either doing something for others or trying to find enough time to do something for myself. And i think right there in the mist of those busy moments when my phone stops ringing and it feels as though the world might end if i don't have something to do God puts His hand on my heart and simply calms me into that moment. I am forever grateful that today was one of those day. My phone barely rang and i hardly talked to anyone who wasn't a customer or coworker but right then, right in that moment that the devil tried to overwhelm me with sadness, God overwhelmed me with joy for the simple, peaceful times with Him!


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