Monday, October 27, 2014

One Simple Question

It is amazing how during the middle of an ordinary lunch with friends a question can be asked that really makes you stop dead in your tracks and think about your life. A friend asked me recently if a daydream I've had for awhile actually came true would i be happy about it. And honestly it threw me on my butt that i wasn't sure i actually would be. It something I've thought about and considered what would happen if that was the direction God actually took my life in. Ive told myself before it would be great, different than what i thought id be doing with the rest of my life but it seemed like a comfortable option. But in the moment as my mind started to wonder i realized maybe there is better out there for me. Maybe just maybe what i have wanted for some time is not actually what is best for me. That God has a plan for me that my simple human mind can not even begin to create. So as i day dream about what seems to be the best ill get God is stilling there gently begging me to allow Him to give me more. And it really made me realize i want more! I want Gods best for me now i don't know what that will be but what i do know is i can't even imagine it yet!