Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Comfort vs. Growth

It is said that once you become comfortable with something that is the point you know you are no longer growing in that area. Sometimes in my own life i wonder how true that is, and how much that effects my life. There are lots of things i am comfortable with but i still feel like i am growing with them. But then again there are areas of my life that i get so uncomfortable with based solely on the fact that i am not continuing to grown in that area. It is such a fine balance that has to be reached in life and it is an even more delicate balance when it comes to people. I want new experiences and to meet new people and do new things however there are days in life when all i want is the people and things in life i know. The things i don't have to work at being comfortable with or put work into getting to know new people. But i guess i can't complain about feeling stuck when i don't do anything to change it. I guess its time to figure out if comfort is where i am suppose to be right now or the beginning of a new adventure and a calling to get out of my comfort zone and see where i end up. There are benefits and down falls to each however i know God has a big plan for my life both with the things that make me comfortable and those that get me out of my comfort zone. And who knows, maybe God plans to show me the perfect was to balance the comfortable things i love and the new adventures i crave! 

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