Sunday, May 30, 2010

The few the proud the marines...

well my best friends wedding was today I can't believe it's real, I can remember what seems like yesterday us playing dress up, dancing around after prom and just being silly. We've gone through so much together and it's so weird to think there won't be anymore slumber parties at her parents house. But I'm so happy for her and scott knows he married a harlem and we all carry guns! Haha the wedding was beautiful and i definatly cried my eyes out seeing my best friend come down the aile. weddings always make me dream about my own and how excited i am to plan it haha. but the wedding was fun i havent danced like that in forever. i think weddings bring out the hopless romantic in everyone, because after seeing laurin and scott drive off a guy i was talking to at the wedding grabbed my hand and started running, when i asked what we were doing he kept running and told me  he wasnt leaving the wedding without dancing with me, as he held me close and spun me around it make me realize how i deserve to be treated and one day Gods perfect man for me will treat me that way.  i cant beileve this day was real, it still seems like shes to young for this but im so happy for her and so happy i could be here for her. weve been thru so much and i cant wait to see where else God takes us together!

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