Monday, March 8, 2010

The true roles we were meant for

It amazes me the older i get how my taste in guys changes, its definatly changed ALOT in the time since i realized boys didnt have cooties although im sure going back to that mindset maybe easier. however ive realized lately how inspired im am by the Jesus i see in a guy. i cant help but smile when i see a guy truly worshiping God expecatlly when its a guy i care about in any way. a guy going to the alter to pray expecatlly when its to pray with a friend, a guy truly worshiping while he sings or even just serving in the church in any way just makes me so happy. i cant help but pray super hard when all of our youth and college guys go to the alter to pray together, these are our future spiritual leaders and it excites me to see them praticing that already. guys you have no idea how much it would mean to a girl to just know you pray for her, its truly an impowering feeling to know we have  a guy interceding for us, every girl has atleast one maybe more guys in her life that the thought of them beileveing in them gives them the power to move mountains, i pray ill be able to do that for my husband one day and i pray i can encourage the guys in my life. guys i know its a scary thing knowing your going to be a spiritual leader one day, but hold on to the truth that most girls dont care if your the fastest, strongest or the richest; we just want to know your there, we need you. just being there for a girl gives her strength you wouldnt beileve. we are fueled by that, we want to know were helping, we want to know we have made a difference, girls have the power to balance ten things at once all while cooking a meal however we do these things for the people in our lives. you dont have to be the best or the strongest or the richest just be there for her, i encourage you to pray for the girls in your life, and girls pray for the men in your life. we have yet to see what God can do when we are in the roles He meant for us to be in. ones that encourage each other and dont take over the others role, where we beileve in ourselves and Gods plan for our lives, where we love with risk and vulnerability and put God first not just whoever were dating at the time. i admit im a cry baby about alot of things however this is one thing that truly gets me every time, a man truly in tune with God. there are certain guys who actually make me cry when i see there hands raised or even just running around setting up something in the church i cant help but smile and step back and stand in awe or their relationship with God and stop and pray for them, and realize how awesome the roles God designed us for are. i pray i would regonize those roles and encourage the men around me to be all the can be, just as they encourage me.

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