Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 21

Today was a pretty good day although its had its challenges however I'm super excited you know that feeling when you truly feel the power of God?, that's how I felt today. My bible study today was talking about anger and if its an issuse and how it can make things in our thought closets worse, I'm not an angry person at all but I've realize that when I do get mad its usually because I've spent time dwelling on something, its like I think about it and dwell on it until I've come up with the worse senerio and its like I'm ready for a fight and nothing can talk me out of it, how crazy is that!! It takes a lot to get me mad but I tend to get myself mad by dwelling on things, which I'm so sick of doing! Well that's where Gods awesome power comes in today, I've had something on my mind today, something completely stupid that isn't even happening and won't happen but the devil was definatly trying to plant a seed to just get me mad, and sad and make me loose faith. Well that just isn't going to happen! I coudldnt do anything but stop right then and there and just pray as hard as I could, I refuse to let those dumb thoughts in! God really just came around and comforted me and gave me power over those thoughts. I'm so excited and gratful for Gods power and protection its definatly gotten me thru today and I'm excited to claim it and move forward!

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