Monday, March 1, 2010

Ready To Walk Thru The Gate...

These Are Things On My Mind And Things Im Ready To Change:

  1. Im sick of drama! i refuse to talk about, indulge in, or make things akward! I DONT CARE!!!!!! so if i seem quite sometimes its because i have no desire to talk about whoever is the current subject! yes there are people i dont like and there are even times i despritly want to yell at someone but im trying to remind myself God told me to love people, not love them if i like them.
2. Im sick of the words me, my, and i. if we all cant get thru three sentenses without using them maybe we have some reevaluating to do!

3. I miss feeling like im helping people. i use to log hundreds of volunteer hours a month and i miss that so much! i was busy and stressed but i loved it more than i could ever put into words.

4. Im really content right now. thats not to say i always am, its a daily struggle however im sooo excited to see where God as me going. right now im still lost about alot of things however im content with just waiting on the Lord. i pray everyday that i would spend all my time passionately and ernestly seeking after Him and i hope i can continue.

5. i know your having a hard time right now but trust me when i say we can all see a change! it truly excites me to see you growing closer to God and i pray everyday that will continue. i know its easy to get caught up in the daily emotions of it all trust me we both know im an emotional person however ive realized this week God doesnt really address our feelings He just tells us what we must do to seek Him. So i know there are hard days, there are for all of us and id fix it for you if i could but i have to spend time with the love of my life however i will continue to pray for you just like i do everyone else and have faith that He will take care of it a million times better than i ever could.

6. there are certain people in my life that i feel dont always bring out the best in me, and im sick of it. its hard to pull away from people you care about and have so many over lapping aspects of life however i want to surround myself with people that bring out the best in me. maybe its time to reevaluated the people in my life and make sure God wants them in my life.

7. i think my goal for this week shall be to start noticing all the little ways God talks to me everyday. Hes been doing little things recently that just reassure my faith and the answers Hes given me, i want to notice them more and really hold onto the truth they simplize.

8. im so excited for the rest of my life, i may not know exactlly what it holds but i know God has the best for me and as long as im honoring Him with my desirees i know He wants to give me the desirees of my heart.

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