Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 12

So today has definatly been a hard day but I'm pretty proud of myself now. I mean its so hard for me to just be content sometimes and just trust that God is going to take care of the people I care about but after fighting the erge to try and help and start texting again I just stopped and said a prayer and I'm trying my hardest to have faith Gods got it under control. I know it seems hard sometimes, sometimes right in the middle of growing and truly making progress we have a hard day and it seems like its all falling apart but have faith that the growth you've seen so far is real and God will keep you growing you just have to have faith in Him and seek after Him with all your heart. Its often easy to fool ourselves into thinking we have it all under control and that Gods number one in our lives when in fact He's number four at best, maybe its time we stop and make sure He's really number one. We all have hard days but just hold onto Him and the growth He's given you already, you have to trust Him with all you heart,body,soul and spirit and give up everything in your life and allow Him to work on all the stuff we can't handle.

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