Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 22 and 23

well he past two days have been both really bad and really good, ive felt very alone the last few days but tonight as bryan was talking he hit the nail on the head, maybe that just means im following Gods will. im so exicited, you know that feeling when you know Gods speaking straight to you, well thats how i felt during true life tonight. He put things together for me and made me give things a second look, needless to say i will be reading jeremiah for my quite time for awhile! but i just feel like Gods moving so much in my life right now and i have no desire for anything or anyone who doesnt support and encourage that growth! im just so excited to see what He has in store next, one thing i do know is i realized tonight bryan said that alot of time the thing you protest against and the thing that scares you the most is probably where Gods going to take you to prove Himself. ive always been scared of the work ive felt like Gods calling me to because its unstable and i realized tonight how terrified i am to have an unstable job but God gave me a passion for it so He'll provide, and if i never jump out and trust Him how can He prove Himself, im ready to jump and allow He to use me however He sees fit, not worries, im sick of worrying.

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