Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 17,18 and 19

Wow its been a CRAZYYYY few days! We had the youth dinner theater this weekend, it went well but I'm definatly exhausted, and my feet are killing me! I hate that I haven't been spending as much time with God the last few days as I'd like, I'm definatly realizing how hard it is to focus on God and still be devoted to different ministries and things. But I'm determined to stay focused and not get distracted even though I definatly have lately. I've realized just the difference in my mood when I'm not focused on God like I should be, I find myself thinking things and feeling ways I know I shouldn't and I don't want to feel that way. I refuse to get annoyed by stupid things, or go back to worrying, or loose faith in God or His plan for my life. I just want to stay focused on God and His plan. I know there are things I have to do, and let go of before I can move forward, I was doing my bible study tonight and it hit me how stupid I've been, I've put stupid fake CRAP in front of something that meant the world to me. How could I do that? I know I've made a lot of mistakes but I'm ready to right them and move forward on Gods path for my life.

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