Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 15

I honestly at this moment dont even care enough to put a picture up here. today has been both totally amazing and made me want to run away and cry all at the same time. my bible study this morning was talking about the Holy Spirit again and how It; teachs, counsuls, shows us truth and reminds us of truth. all things we depritly need expecatlly me, expecally the reminders of truth. i am the queen of talking myself out of something God told me, or finding some reason to doubt it. i often refer to it as being a realist however im really just finding an excuse to doubt God. i hate that! well today has been rough! ive had things in my life pop back up that i thought i had moved past, sometimes its hard to not want to go back however i know the red flags were there. i moved away for a reason. ive been given so much peace lately about the answers Gods given me however i still manage to let the devil attack me in this area. as i was telling a red flag a story tonight i found myself doubting God, realizing how crazy my faith in the story seemed however looking back i realize how crazy i would be to not have faith in it. God has given me every reason to trust and beileve in Him and even though the devil is coming strong my God is stronger. i saw the clouds today at dusk, thats always been my thing with God, my thing that just makes me feel like Hes standing there hugging me, and they were amazing today! i just have to have faith no matter how crazy it may seem, so did a Man rising from the tumb but it still happend! all this pretty much came to a head after i saw the clouds, makes sense the devil would try harder when he knows God speaking to me most. well sorry stupid devil my God has bigger plans for me and nothing you can throw at me will shake that confidence! i will not be scared, i wont be a victim and i will thrust my God!!!!

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