Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thank you.

Today i have a nagging feeling that ive missed so much. i stop and wonder how many times you have tried to express something to me that i missed, how many times i hurt you by acting before i speak. i wonder how many times you have been mad and i never realized it was my fault. you have always been there for me and i often take my emotions out on you, which is definatly something i regret everyday. i regret anything thats hurt you, and even though i cant take the hurt or frustration or whatever other emotion you felt at the time i can say im sorry now. we both have our own form of hardheaded stuburness but somehow we still manage to always be there for each other even thru the crazyness. so in case i dont tell you enough i apprieiate you and everything you do for me and everyone else. you truly are what holds our group together and i know sometimes when you leave it doesnt feel like that but you have no idea the lives you touch everyday. your strength and encouagement has a way of making others feel like they can fly to the moon, i should know. so thank you for the friendship you manage to give each and every one of us even when we dont deserve it. you may not always be the most open person with your emotions but there is never any doubt in anyones mind you care. i know i for one take advantage of that sometimes and im truly sorry however im happy that your a safe enough place to allow everyone to vent sometimes, and i happily will return the favor anytime.

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