Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are You Willing To Wait For The Spring?

So recently my pastor used the analogy that you wouldnt break your driveway to match someone elses that sometimes you have to wait for all the snow to melt to see if any of the bricks are missing. How the snow seems to cover it all and all thats left is a beautiful covering that may or may not hold a broken driveway under it all. Well this was recently also applied to relationships to me by a friend and even though it was meant as a joke it definatly got me thinking. We all have certain standards for our perfect driveways and some as much as it sucks are already broken when we get there. We would never hold that against them however we would also never break our own driveways to match, even if the driveway in question seem great. The challenge to this process comes from the snow covered driveways that often seem to be perfect and we will never really see if its broken or not until we take our time and wait for the snow to melt. This is a tidious task that often causes many to give up before they ever reach the spring. Or they blow dry a corner and see if that meets their standards if it doesnt they quickly move on, never giving a second thought to what the rest of the driveway looks like. This leaves many perfectly great driveways doubting themselves. they start to hate the corners that were uncovered and confince themselves they can never be fixed, that this rough corner is a fault flaw that cause everyone to run. when in fact driveways are meant to be rough, if driveways were perfectly smooth what would you do when the hard times come? driveways have rough patches so that when the ice and rain and snow come you are held up and not allowed to slip off. can you imagine a smooth driveway if it were on a big hill? driveways are often over looked and mistreated but it only takes one person to wait out the spring to see what amazing support the driveway can bring. its often scary to wait for the spring there are often factors that make it hard, what if the groundhog sees hes shadow and there 6 more weeks of winter, what if it just gets to cold, and what if after all that waiting your car does quite fit the way it should? These are all things that make waiting very hard, and not for the weak at heart, but just like any other thing in life as much as it sucks to wait the things worth having are often the ones we have to wait on, the ones we have to explore alittle deeper, and the ones that cause us to have to put ourselves on the line. and even if we get hurt isnt it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? So go explore driveways see which one is the best fit, maybe for you this means putting on your mittens and throwing a few snowballs while you wait, maybe you need to back up and reexamin some passed driveways or maybe you need to go inside and stop playing in so many driveways until its closer to spring. whatever the case, have fun, be adventurous and thank God for the perfect driveway He has in store. the one that puts up with all your crap, loves you when your most unloveable, supports you to the end of the earth and beileves your strong enough to hang the moon. because we may not all be as pretty as the brick or cobble stone driveways down the street but its the ones that are alittle rough around the edges that are the strongest and last the longest.

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