Friday, February 5, 2010


My life has become so rountine and annoying. im so sick of being able to predict every moment of my life. Dont get me wrong im a happy person but i cant remember the last time i was truly unmistakable happy. i have had alokt of fun recently but as far as goose bumps happy its been quite some time. im so sick of peoples drama and all the unimportant stuff of life. im itching so badly for a change i cant satand it. i want to go and do or atleast feeling like im moving. i feel like lately ive just been sitting on a rock somewhere around Gods path for me but i cant for the life of me figure out how to get back to it. and im so sick of sitting i cant stand it. im not a girl thats meant to sit still. im so done with routine and boring. im so done with not being as happy as i know i can be. i was happy at some point and im ready to get back there. im ready to truly be me again and figure out who she is now. ive been so far from myself lately im not sure who she is anymore or what her path is but i know its got to be better than this. im done with the melting clocks of it all. its time to get up, let go and let God, because i cant take much more of this.

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