Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear God

Has i lay in bed at night thinking about my day i realize how many more questions ill go to sleep with than when i woke up with. im so tired of all the questions and all the unknown and the hard part is i know You have already told me to wait. its not an answer thats easy to live with or fun to hear but its still an answer. so as my mind swirls with all the unanswered questions im going to focus on something else.

So at Passion Twenty Ten an expirence that will forever shape me and the way i love, breathe and worship. We were able to hear a man named Andy Stanly his famous qoute of the night was "its always a mistake to decide what your going to do before you decide who your going to be" this was a message that hit me hard and he challenged us to make lists of what we wanted to be, what we would want people to say about us after we were gone and i want to accept his challenge. im so stuck in figuring out what i want to do maybe this will help mea realize what i want to do after i know what i want to be.

What i want to be:
  1. Supportive
  2. Godly        
  3. Respectful
  4. Helpful      
  5. Caring        
  6. Generous   
  7. Genuine     
  8. Strong       
  9. Patient      
  10. Driven      
I pray that these are all qualities people see in me as well as qualities God continues to grow and strengthen as i grow in Him.

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