Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 7

ITS OFFICALLY BEEN ONE WEEK!!! so today as been pretty great! my long lost cat came home, i had some awesome God time and had some fun at the branch house! and how im currled up writing a blog and eating honey bunches of oats with vanilla soy milk (my new favorite thing!) so my bible study today was about the labels we have on ourselves that are true however we take the fact label and add a fate label to it. for example i use to be bullied ive often unknowingly added a fate label that i was because i wasnt good enough, isnt that crazy! even though after thinking about it ive done it many more times than im proud of and its scary to realize how its effected my life this far. im sick of it, yes i have many fact labels some im not particularly proud of however they dont define me or my life. and they expecally dont define my fate with God i have to have faith that every label has a purpose but how can God turn it into something good if i only see the negative? somethning else ive had on my brain all day is Gods answers, God has given me quite a few answers in my lilfe and lately that sometimes i find myself while im praying saying my back up plan for if im wrong and i heard Him wrong. well i KNOW i didnt! and i hate how many times ive doubted the answers Hes given me. how messed up is that, i pray and fast and He answers then when something doesnt work out the way i think it should i assume i heard it wrong when maybe im just missing a piece of the puzzle that i need before that answer can fit into place. so i have faith in His answers even if im the only one on the planet that does and even if they dont even make sense to me i know He spoke into my life and i TRUST Him and Hes answers even if i cant see the big picture now. i know God has a crazy sense of humor, my life is a great example and i cant wait to see the rest of Hes show, and ill gadly volenteer for whatever Hes got to throw at me.

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