Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 8

I love this picture! i took it at lights of the south two christmas' ago. anywho i love the message of receiving not only Christ but His love. well today my bible study was about being Christ minded and how one thing can pollute our thought closets, its so crazy to think about being Christ minded to me, i mean i know we are suppose to but how many of us actually do it? but imagine if we did. our youth pastor bryan read something tonight about having child like faith, ive always heard the phrase but God defiantly gave it new meaning tonight. i want that kind of faith back, yes i know there are bad things in the world and things dont always work out but can you imagine just beileving like that, no questions asked just blind faith! God has given us all answers me and taylor were talking about this tonight God sometimes gives us answers and after we have the answer we realize maybe it would be easier not to know the answer, then atleast when it doesnt go exactlly how we think it should we wouldnt have to go thru the doubt process. but maybe its that process that makes the reward that much sweeter. when the answer you recieved finally falls into place and you can step back and see the puzzle. you can see how your faith that that one piece would in fact go somewhere in the big picture makes it so much more exciting when you finally get to drop it into place. ive struggled with this alot over the last year when Gods really started to give me answers about my life, sometimes i feel like i have all these inside pieces but no edge pieces to make them fit together and i despritly desire those edge pieces but i have faith God will add them as i seek Him fully and until then all i can do is faith blind child like unshaken faith that the inside pieces He has given me are infact to my puzzle and stop doubting im even at the right puzzle. ive definatly realized the devil likes to mess with me more when im bored and dont have anything to do, i cant wait to start work again or else this is going to be a very long and difficult fast! haha well i just pray we could all have that child like faith and trust in the answers Gods already given you, He'll fill in the rest of the puzzle when Hes ready, and with Hes sense of humor it will probably be one big clown!

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