Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 5

So i really enjoy this picture and it really works for my day today, and really sundays in general. Its hit me earlier how busy sundays are and how little time i have to just stop and spend time with God. or i guess you could say how little time i choose to stop and spend time with God. that truly makes me sad to know how little time i stop to spend with Someone Who cares about me so much. today really made me think about how much i care about people and although i know thats something God has put in my heart i know i often use it as an excuse to put them ahead of Him. ive spent so much of my time waiting for prince charming but how can i wait for someone im not ready for? i still cant manage to daily put Him first and thats something i want to do so bad! i have such a passion to make Him my priority lately i could just spend hours talking to Him. dont get me wrong this is a daily struggle and the biggest thing i struggle with. ive had times where its been months between good honest prayers and thats so sad to me! i hate that, i hate that i dont make Him a bigger prioroity but i also know thats something im determinded to change! i know God is preparing my husband as well and i pray for him every night and i cant wait to see what Gods doing in his life. this brings me to another big lesson of today, i am such a helper i want to help or fix everything for everyone and thats hard to do while im fasting and cutting off things that put people before God. i often find myself worrying about how people are doing or if somethings happing with them or if theres anyway i can help however i realized today that is all stuff God can do a much better job at than i ever could. yes God has put people in my life that i will help and i love to do so but i also know they cant be the priority and God will take care of them reguardless of me expecally while im focusing my priorities on Him. and until i can put Him first in all i do and can have other things back in my life i will continue happily with this fast. i can already see a differnece in myself but also people that i truly on my face pray for everyday. there are certain people that i can already see changing that it truly lights up my life to see God working in their lives because i pray for them every single day, often more than i pray for myself. i cant wait to see what else He has in store for me and those i care about.

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