Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 4

So today has been a pretty good day I had a relaxing night in and even baught some great movies. I'm so excited about what Gods doing in my life! Todays lesson in my bible study was about worrying God definatly reafermed it for me and sprinkled in His own added message for me tonight while I was reading. I can't count the amount of time I spend worrying and its usually about stuff that I shouldn't be worried about, I know that Gods got in under control but its become a lot more evident to me lately maybe I don't trust God like I should. That truly makes me sad. He's done so much for me and answered so many questions and yet I still second guess Him and worry constantly! How selfish is that! Ugh! That's really something I want to focus on is making myself vulnerarable to God and fully trusting and relying on Him. If I can't trust Him how can I trust anyone else? God has already answered so many questions for me and I know I have to hold onto those He's already answered and have faith and trust He'll answer the others in His own time. Even if its not a time line I particularly like, who stinking cares! Who am I to question Him or His timing?! He's gotten everything perfect until now without my help and He doesn't need it now! I want to really work on my worrying from now on, I know its something ill always struggle with but I also know in order to truly love and trust Him I have to leave it up to Him and let Him handle it.

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  1. that was real good, my dear!!!!
    thanks for that, i needed to hear it too!!! :)