Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 3

Todays message was a simple one however one i constantly forget about, meditating on the Lord; His wonders and His word. In looking at what i spend most of my time thinking about its no wonder i tend to have a negative attitude or get down on myself, because from the time i get up i start an on going and often unnoticed attack on myself of degrating thoughts and worries. i spend so much of my day thinking about what i could do better, how i could help someone else or how i would do something. im not saying self improvment isnt important because it is and im all for it however when it becomes destructive versus constructive it becomes a problem. God has brought me out of some bad situations in my life and i cant help but wonder where id be without Him but instead of being grateful and wanting to live my life soley for Him i think of ways to live it for myself even if i dont notice im doing it. how many times during our busy days do we think to just stop and thank God? if you think this is bad imagine where youd be without Him. Romans 1:21 says "For although they knew God they neither glorified Him as God or gave thanks to Him" when i read this to say i got a knot in my stomach would be an understatement. i know He is God but how many times to i go about my life without every glorifying or thanking Him. i cant imagine how i must have hurt Him with this and it truly makes me sad to think about. so my lession for today is going to be to mediate on the Lord and what Hes done for me more. im comminting my way to god and relaying on His words, not mine.

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