Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 11

So today was about how our feelings and emotion often cloud our judgement and our wisdom. Which I'm soooo guilty of! I know about myself if my emotions aren't in check I often lash out and say things ill regreat most often to the people I care the most about. I'm a very emotional person so its a constant struggle for me to keep my emotions in check and to give God everything and not dwell on it internally, which is also something I'm very guilty of. So from here on out I want to focus on keep my emotions in check so I don't hurt myself or others and really starting fresh. I'm forgetting old hurts,happys and expectations and startimg everything new and with a new out look. I want to take everything as it comes and hopfully with the grace,truth and wisdom God had promised to give me if I simply ask.

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