Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 10

So I'm extremely tired so hopfully this will make sense haha I've been up since 8:30 and running allll day so I'm diffinatly ready for bed :-) well today was about good fruit and bad fruit in my bible study. It was really cool, I didn't think of it in the way they said it. False assumptions bear bad roots which produce bad fruit. And the bad fruit are often things that annoy us about ourselves however we worry about getting rid of the fruit we never actually deal with the roots. So if your fruit is negitivity or hyperdefense or over anaysing then you have to attack the root of the fruit not the fruit. So as this bible study goes on I realize what's at the root of a lot of my life/personality/problems and I'm ready to imbrace the good and attack the roots to get out the bad, I'm sick of the bad! Today was a very relaxing day, I spent time with a friend I love dearly and haven't hungout with in awhile and God truly gave me suck a peace about a lot of things in my life! I'm feel like I got re-energized about my fast and got a whole new peace about where Gods taking my life. I still don't know exactlly where He's taking me but I KNOW and TRUST that He has it under control and I'm giving it all to Him and letting Him take me where ever He wants :-)

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