Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Running... For Fun?! WHAT??

Although i didn't make a long list of traditonal new years resolutions i did make a list of habits to kick, traits to work on, and things i'd like to get better at. Now seeing as i am a girl and human for that matter so of course my health is on my list. I want to focus more on what i am putting into my body. As well as getting my butt up and moving more active. I was always active growing up, i danced for 15 years and played softball for 11 years, so i am no stranger to exercise. However once the activity dropped so did my metaolism, in a major way! Granted i didn't get to the size i am now quickly, it has been a slow gain over the last 5 years or so, but after struggling being in pain for so long, and finally finding an answer when i took gluten out of my diet, i have become increasingly more aware of how things effect my body. Like the box of cookies sitting on the workroom counter at work, yes there are not a ton of calories in one, however the gluten alone is enough to cause me to have to take a muscle relaxer tomorrow if i were to eat one. 

That being said one of my tangible goals this year is to run a half marathon before the end of the year! That seems like such a big goal to me, i am not one to just run for fun before the last several months. Running use to be reserved for sports, or aggravation. When i was a teenager you could always tell if i was upset because i was either going for a run or cleaning like a crazy person! 
I would love for running to become something i do just for fun, not because i feel like it will burn calories or because someone made me mad. I want to come home and look forward to a good run. So that is why this year baring the Lord comes back before Sept. 28th i will be running the Women's Half Marathon in Nashville Tennessee on September 28th, 2013!! 

I am beyond excited to do this and to be able to say i did it! My friend Audra will be coming a long for encouragement, documentation and of course shopping in Nashville!

I am hoping to get several 5K and 10K under my belt before September and Audra will be helping with this since she agreed to run the Diva 5K with me in April!! We are both a little nervous about training so fast but the fact that firemen will handing me flowers at the finish line is MORE than enough encouragement to get my hinny across that finish line! I am hoping to fun the Diva's Half next year!

Then i am already signed up for the Color Run in Augusta in October with several of my friends! 

It is going to be a year of running through dreams and goals and i am more than excited to see what God puts on my heart next!! 

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