Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Wow how is it the middle of January already? My year started out busy and hasn't slowed down yet! 

I started out the year the same way i have the last 4 years, i rang in the new year running around packing for the Passion Conference that i would be leaving for the next day. This year was extra special and extra stressful because i was not originally going to the conference and didn't find out i was going until the morning before. For a stressed out packer like me that is big stuff! :-) 

(My favorite song for Passion 2013)

 (Candle light virgule to shine a light on slavery) #enditmovement

(65,000 college age students in attendance and raised 3.3million dollars to end slavery) 

Since getting back from Passion it has been full steam ahead with work, church, friends, and the dreaded Passion bug. It never fails i always seem to get sick after Passion it is usually my one big illness of the year, however i was sick before Christmas so the Passion bug hit me harder than usual this year. A few years ago when we got back we all had the flu and passed it back and forth several times! yuck!!

 Now that life is starting to get back into a routine (after being off work for 17 days, Praise the LORD!) I am looking forward to a new year and many fun new things to blog about, Ive already got new babies to spoil, weddings to attend, trips and hopfully lots more time spent with God and friends coming up to blog about! 

I am at a very good place in my life right now and i am so excited see what God has in store for 2013 He has already given me such a peace about where He is taking it! 


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