Thursday, June 23, 2011

Im a walking double standard!!!!

So i am becoming fully aware of what a double standard i currently have about dating! I would LOVE nothing more than to meet prince charming and live happily ever after, i definatly desire to get married, and on some days feel as though i never will! but as more guys show interest in me, i can't help but to not actually want to commit! im horrible i know, i can't help it, i enjoy flirting and i enjoy being able to have that option, and to be able to explore my options. i feel bad for them though because they do have real feelings for me, and there are a few i could see myself actually trying with, but im not sure my freedom is something i want to give up just yet. Or maybe i'm trying to push away the fact that i know none of them measure up to my list 100% percent but they are all great guys and id like for them to....i just dont want to hurt them! 

Is it possible to want to settle down while still wanting to have your wings?

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