Thursday, May 19, 2011

Should a wedding be this much trouble when its not even yours?!?!

So my brothers wedding is next weekend, and let me just say i think my sister in law is adorable...MUCH better than the last crazy he dated! But can i just say how ready i am for this to be OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I praying they dont make me stay the whole time! I am a person who will do whatever you want me to on your big day but please just tell me whats going on. I love her to death but she is VERYYYYYYYYYY passive and im about to loose my mind! i dont make decitions either so to have a bride not tell me what she wants is killing me! Just give me some direction please!!!!! Silver shoes doesnt help! I dont think she understands how many possibilites that could be! jeez!

Lord when you bless me with someone crazy enough to marry my crazy self please remind me its time to make decisions! Not ever one, they can choose for the most part but remind me to give them guide lines so my bridesmaid still like me afterwards!

 OHHH and remind me to elope or hire security and a therapist to be on Momma duty!!!

 That is all the ranting for the day.

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