Friday, February 4, 2011

These Are My Confessions


I confess Im pretty bored currently

I confess this whole no tv just movies thing is KILLING ME!

I confess I'm so ready to nest

I confess Im suprised how much of my feelings have gone away, its exciting

I confess i really need to work out!

I confess i cant wait for Aubree Danielle to get here!!!

I confess i love this being in the woods by the lake, and with a fire going thing

I confess you have been hurting my feelings a lot lately

I confess for the first time i feel like i'm moving forward with the college/youth ministry

I confess i cant wait to live on my own but i want to live with someone, this being alone all day thing is for the birds!

I confess Im moving on, for real this time!

I confess its 12pm and its time for a nap! 

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