Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alittle Catch up!

So I'm playing catch up on the blog challenge today because........

This precious 8.2lb bundle of joy was born to my very very best friend Sunday night. After an exhausting 21 hours of labor. So needless to say i was sleeping and playing with this cute little one yesterday!

So time for...

Day One...When I need some me time I {LOVE} to...

1. Sleep
2. Watch chick flicks
3. Daydream
4. Eat junk food (not my best habit)
5. Sing out loud!
6. Grab some coffee
7. Shop!
8. Now i can say spend time with My sweet Aubree Danielle

Day two...When I'm feeling down, to cheer myself up I {LOVE} to..

1. Take a nap
2. Write
3. Blog
4. Drink coffee
5. Play with little kids
6. Hangout wit CLOSE friends
7. Go for a run
9. STAY BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Great picks! Some of these are also on my list! Like shopping and blogging! Have a fab day!

  2. LOVE the lists!
    and love that baby!
    AND love the title of your blog :) phew! lots of love!

    Thank you so much for linking up with our challenge! hope to see you tomorrow too!!!!

  3. What a cutie! :)

    Coffee makes any day better, that's for sure ;)

    Thanks for coming back for day two! :)

  4. Thanks everyone! She is the cutest little thing! then again i may be showing a little bit of favoritism!