Wednesday, January 26, 2011

22 before 22

So seeing as how its a whole new year! and i don't really believe in resolutions Ive decided to a 22 before 22 list! I'm pretty excited, now i just need the continued motivation to keep going! So i think ill make that one number 1 :-)

Official 22before 22 list!
1. Be more motivated...for things that actually matter
2. Get down to my goal weight...which one day i hope to start blogging about
3. Run a 5k for charity
4. Buy my kayak, spend at least one a week on the river
5. Update my wardrobe- i know what my style is but get rid of the old!
6. Continue to take on more responsibility at work- and avoid having to take work home
7. Work on my consistence in my Quiet Time
8. Take more pictures
9. Go on a road trip (hopefully west!)
10. Go back to Alaska
11. Go on another mission trip
12. Stop drinking Coke (soda in general but I'm from the south, its all coke)
13. Read one book a month until November 
14. Complete a 2011 scrapbook for Jan-Nov. (Dec to be added after my birthday of course)
15. Keep my car clean for a year
16. Sew at least ten projects
17. Continue my hope chest collection
18. Add $3000 dollars to my savings
19. Start investing for later in life
20. Go on an intense backpacking trip
21. Witness to at least five people
22. Carry Jesus Name everyday!

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    1. I like this list of yours :-) there are some that should be on my list :-)