Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fixing a Fixer....

So tonight was a huge slap in the face!! But i needed it!! so yes i have known for some time im a fixer!!! and ive so got to adjust my thinking on this! but my biggest thing is what ive been struggling lately i think ive been going able all the wrong way, i was doing it to fix the situation, i know that a few years ago i ran ahead of God and took something He gave me and just started running and that was wrong of me. i put things ahead of God and never took the time to realize i was forming idols for myself that were definatly coming before God. and im sick of it. when i realized God needed me to back away from situations and put Him where He needed to be i started doing it i think subconsciously because i thought if i fixed this id fix the wrong i did then. the fact is i need and want to do this for God and for myself, not as an effort to make up for a wrong i did in the past.and if God so chooses to bring me back to where He was leading me before i went off His path then thats awesome and hopfully i can stay in His will this time. I just want Him back, and i want to make sure i dont make the same mistakes i did then, so im going to be making some big changes in my life and if you are affected by them, no its nothing personal, but its something i have to do for me and my relationship with God and most likely for the best for you to. so im going to try and tame my fixer ways starting with myself and not fixing things for everyone, i love seeing people rely on God so its time to start letting them, and start relying on God fully myself.

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