Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 2

So this should have been posted yesterday however I got food posioning yesterday so I've been pretty under the weather, I hope to get my day 3 on posted later tonight but I guess that depends on if my body decides to rebel again or not haha so God has truly been speaking to me so much lately expecally thru this fast and day 2's lesson was short sweet and to the point, just how I like it haha God is the biggest most important thing in the universe and although he loves me I still seem to think sometimes He owes me something. Who am I to think that?! I'm spent many weeks/months recently feeling like I'm praying to a brick wall waiting for some big sign or some deep dramatic voice when in fact He tells me over and over that He will speak to me in a still small voice. So why should I expect Him to change that? The fact of the matter is I should love him enough and want to hear from Him enough that I would shut up long enough to listen for that still small voice. So I'm making a commintment to shut up and listen for the most important voice in my life.

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