Monday, October 26, 2009

Connecting the Dots...

wow so the last few weeks have been insane! i got a job, met a boy and renewed my faith in God. so much has gone on its hard to know where to start other than saying how happy i am with my life right now. even though it hardly ever makes sense. recently i have taken time for myself and it was the best choice i could have made, regardless of how it all plays out im happy with my choice, i needed it. i started my job two weeks ago i work at an after school program and i absolutely love it! i love the kids and the people i work with but mostly i love knowing this is the kind of work God intended for me, i thought for a long time i should teach; it was the safe job but Gods plan isn't always safe that's why we have faith. im still not exactly sure how to title what God wants me to do but i know i will do whatever He tells me to get there. i also met a boy at work hes so sweet i just don't think im ready for a relationship. i feel like i shouldn't be worried about something im not ready for. i believe in dating for marriage not just to date and im not ready to be married so why worry about dating right now. i just hope i don't hurt him in the process hes so sweet and a truly great man of God. i feel like the last few months have been a complete blur i went from right next to God to as far away as i could get. i feel like Ive been hiding under the covers of my life to hide from the unknown. but after a deep conviction from God i realize hiding doesn't make it go away, He has my life planned out perfectly and i can either go with it or not. i choose to go. i got news last night that i have long expected but it was still hard to take but it made me realize maybe this is why things have happened the way they have maybe this is His way of getting me to slow down and wait for His timing. i don't know what His plans are and im tired of guessing but what i do know is that i want His plan for my life whatever it is. i know the new i received will turn out fine i have faith in that and im actually excited to see this persons dreams unfold. maybe the people we will be in 2013 aren't the people we are today and we had to be separated in order to understand each other then. either way i know God has my best interest at heart and will insure the best possible life for me if i will just let Him and have faith in His plan. God truly has the craziest sense of humor and my life is proof of that and i know what Hes got in store for me has to be amazing and i cant wait to be able to look back and connect the crazy dots that i never saw before.

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