Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So i jumped on the Blogspot bandwaggon....

As my addiction to Myspace and Facebook continue to burn on i realized i don't really have anywhere to just safely event so I decided to give Blog Spot a shot. i know this isn't a private place either however i hope it will give me a chance to write and not worry about who's reading it. i love to write mainly about my life. Its defiantly a release for me. Not a lot of people know how much i love to write so I'm going to follow that passion on here. You will probably also see a ton of quotes and icons on my page, I'm absolutely obsessed with them and have collected them for years!!! so this is me, the real me and I've realized who ever doesn't like it doesn't effect me in any way. i will go on about my life in the same way they will go on with their life.

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