Friday, September 25, 2009

12 things i hate about you...

12. i hate that i fell for the one boy everyone warned me about

11. i hate that you think that if your a jerk we will all stop being here for you and stop caring. you can run from it all you want but we all put up with your CRAP because we care! so get use to it

10. i hate that you changed completely when we were together, you were sweet and loving, like it or not you were happy with me and everyone but you saw it.

9. i hate that i feel like we broke up so you can hide in you anger, so you dont have to realize that it maybe scary to think about the future but even if you dont now at some point you loved me enough to want to spend the rest of your life with me

8. i hate that i loved you enough to make me okay with you having a dangerous job! i never wanted a life like that, i never wanted to be scared to answer the phone or the door; but id take a life of holding my breathe with you than a life of breathing without you. i would have been the supportive military wife, or the cops wife. God put us together for a reason; and i knew that i knew that i knew that we were right but you never gave me a chance to be right, you decided what you thought would make life easier for you and didnt care what it meant to anyone else

7. i hate that you make me compare you to other guys, im not sure any guy will ever compare but i pray they do.

6. i hate i dont have closer, i want to be your friend, i truly do but i still find myself praying to God that my feelings for you will be taken away

5. i hate that as much of a jerk as you are sometimes i still see the real you, the one your hiding so he doesnt get hurt. like it or not i know you better than you realize and everytime your a jerk i just push it off as excusable becuase i know whats going on in that stupid head of yours. i wish i could just pass you off as a jerk like everyone else but i know the real you and i cant because i know the real you isnt like this!

4. i hate that i still have expectations...and they still get shot down

3. i hate that i always find a way to apoligize for things that arent my fault, there yours!!! and its your choice to fix it. every part of me knows i still care and wants to turn around and walk away, but in the pit of my stomach i know you wont come after me, and im to scared to loose you as a friend than to stick up for myself and yell at you the way i wish i could

2. i hate that you think that i think your a jerk, because as much as i want to i know your not. your one of the most caring people ive ever met but i do think your scared, you blame not being able to be with anyone on the military but in reality i think your just scared of loosing them, or of them loosing you. you would rather break them alive than break them by dieing, well darlin it hurts worse to loose love while its still walking around than to know you lost it while he was doing something you love.

1. i hate that as much as i want to hate you i cant, not even alittle becasue no matter what happen to our relationship, you were my best friend for a long time. and i miss him

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