Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eagles Wings

Ahh so its been a crazy few days and an even crazier morning at work! :-) You have to just laugh at some of the things the devil does to try and distract us at work! expecally when you work at a church! Well last night i talked to my church's youth for a few minutes. I gave part of my testimony and really shared my heart as far as unity. Thats something God has really convicted me about lately. I don't have to like every person i come in contact with but i do have to love them the way Christ loved the church. I do have to be unified with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Its not an easy thing, and there are challenges coming from places i didnt think they would come. But i feel empowered. I dont Mrs. Tricia (one of my co-workers) this morning that i was so outgoing and i could get in front of a huge crowd anywhere but church. For some reason doing it in front of a lot of people i go to church with terrifies me! She said she often feels the same way and that its easier to get in front of people that you know aren't judging you, but there is more of that seed of doubt that your being judged in cases like these. That makes me sad but it also gives me hope that the devil is obviously trying to give us doubt because he knows we are getting up there to do Gods work. I think that he also does that with us being about to accept people, he makes us hang onto the past and see past wrongs and frustrations instead of the future we could have as a unified group working for the same accord. 
Last night i'm not sure that i said anything that even remotely made sense however i know i felt God with me, steadying my hand as i help the microphone and shared a very small piece of my story. It felt good to finally feel like i was being true to myself again. I have always been a march to my own drum kind of girl and i hope to get back to that. To stop listening to the ramblings of others and the voices that tell me i can't and remember with God I SORE ON EAGLES WINGS!!!!!

My prayers are with you,

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  1. just came across your blog :) ohmygosh its so cute! great post girl!