Sunday, January 9, 2011


It accrued to me tonight how much ive grown, and how much ive moved on. I must say im so thankful for all the work God is going on my heart. I can honestly say im so much stronger than i was, and although i have not recieved full victory over this im so much farther than i was. I deserve so much better and i dont want my entire life to be such a battle. I believe that when something is Gods will it will come with its own set of complications, however it shouldn't be this much work. Whatever the reason for all this is Ive learned alot, and im greatful for that. but it shouldn't be this much work, and i shouldnt feel this way so often. I can truly say Ive lost my desire. and for that im so grateful! Im so excited to see where God is taking me from here, i knew after Passion when i realized i hadnt really thought about it that He was doing something big in my heart. and answering some serious prayers! I always thought that plan was good some im excited to see what GREAT plan God has for me! Gods really been challenging me to set up and follow the desires of my heart, but the ones Hes placed there. Hes really challenged me to ask myself why they're there if im not willing to do something about them! Cant wait to see what happens from here! I serve such an amazing GOD!!!!!

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