Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Confessions


I confess i would love to stay in bed all weekend!

I confess i had a horrible attitude at work today...but jeez do your dang work so i can do mine!!!!

I confess that in 30 days i will be a gun carrying southern belle!!!

I confess i really need a new phone...but DONT want to spend the money on one!

I confess paying my first loan payment today was exciting! Check back on that next month!

I confess im starting to realize how much work it is to not just get mad sometimes.

I confess if i hear one more girl say that someone else is jealous of them im going to snap!!

I confess im actually very excited about our Tres Dias meeting tomorrow

I confess though i'm not excited how long it is!

I confess im going to take a nap! :-)


  1. Lovely blog girl! I just adore your header. I confess I need to tackle some of my many long overdue projects that have stacked up but will probably sit here on the internet doing everything else but... :( Oh least I "confessed" it right,...doesn't that count for something?? :))

  2. i confess i'd like to buy every everything pretty, pink and shiny!

    and if i could, i'd like to just live in bed.

    ps: naps are LOVE.