Saturday, November 20, 2010

random thoughts...

so seeing as how today been the first day in awhile I've gotten to actually relax and just think, it hit me how many random thoughs I have a day! Haha so I guess I'll share a few. glad I stuck with my gut!
2. I think it officially means I'm old when practical gifts make me happy
3. I'm so thankful for the sweet people in my life!
4. I'm more emotionally invested in my birthday than I let on...
5. I miss thoughtful gifts
6. That I wish I could sleep past 8am!!
7. That since Seth moved out I enjoy him coming over
8. I often wonder if you know what your doing
9.  I wonder if it's hit you yet that one day I won't be there like this, and we won't be like we have been all these years
10. I want nothing more than to trust you again
11. I'm soooo excited and at peace about the next year
12. Sometimes even though I know I have so many people that car about me I can still feel all alone
13. I can't wait till Aubree gets here!!!!!
14. I wish people could read my mind!!
15.i know I'm so random sometimes!! And there a million more things I'm sure, sometimes I just need to write stuff down so I can sleep!

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