Wednesday, April 14, 2010

important things to me

ive started to realize how much certain things mean to me, like being apprieated. over time that is something that has become super important to me. i just want to feel apprieated, i dont need huge declarations of thanks or gifts or anything like that i just want to feel like what i do is noticed, even thats just a hug or a thank you. i would bend over backward and do absolutly anything i can for anyone, thats just who i am i love to help. but i want to feel like what i do for people is noticed, i dont need it to be noticed everytime just not ignored all the time. i think thats the easiest way to my heart or good side is just to make me realize you care and notice, nothing big, i just want to be apprieted for some of what i do, because i truly love to help i just need a hug and a thank you every once in awhile :-)

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