Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Life as of Lately...

wow where do i start...i feel pretty content with my life right now i have about a   million things going on but over all im happy with where i am. sure i would still  change somethings and others confuse the crap out of me but i know its all stuff God will show me in time. so lately i have come to term with goodbyes learned     to say hello again and got a relaity check about who and what in my life is              important. someone told me recently that ive become brutaly honest, the fact is ive always been brutaly honest im just not always heard, it use to take me alot     longer to tell someone how i felt and lately it doesnt take as long. myabe i am       being mean or maybe im just tired of being told what everyone thinks.                      congradualations you all have an opinion about my life well guess what so does  everyone else. i mean i apprieiate that everyone cares enough to tell me what       they think but when it comes down to it its my life and this is between me and      God what i do. life recently has been very crazy but so much fun i have two jobs,  i go to school and im involved in more stuff at church than ever but i love every   single bit of it...okay maybe not school so much but ive realized as far as that       goes i dont care if it takes me 12years im not going to over load. so if i have to       take one class at a time then thats what ill do. i want my degree but school has    never been my thing. ive also had such a renewing of passion for the kids i work  with and charity work, ive spent so long running from it because it wasnt a            stable job or career field but who cares, God gave me a passion for it for a               reason and im secure in Him so im secure in my future job. as far as the                   romantic part of my life i truly dont care honestly about any of it. and im sure     most people think im lieing when i say that and maybe i am and dont know it      but im really just at a place where im having fun and enjoying great friends          having fun growing closer to God and not worrying about the future. im not          ready for that so why should i worry about it now. there are of course tons of        things i would fix if i could but i know God has the best in mind for me and even things i dont understand work together for the good of all. so as i approuch my   20th birthday and say goodbye to my teen age years i go into the next chapter of my life with a new apprietation for the simple noncomplicated parts of life and a wisdom that as come from years of mistakes. so whatever God has in store for  the next chapter i move confidently towards becuase i know He has it all under  control if i will just listen and follow. ive always valued submission in women      when it comes to there husbands but i heard someone say sunday how can you    submit to your husband if you cant submit to God. so in preperation for that        part of my life and because He is the true love of my life i happily submit to his   athouity even if i dont always understand it.                                                                        

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  1. i. freakin. love. you.

    i miss our daily conversations, and what i loved most about this post is that i could just hear these words coming out of your mouth. my favorite is, "so as i approach my 20th birthday, and say goodbye to my teenage years..i go into the next chapter of my life with new appreciation for the simple non-complicated parts of life and the wisdom that has come from years of mistakes..." <---that was just delicious writing & i can tell it was truly heartfelt. speaking of hearts, allowing God to be the center of your joy and the love of your life, is easier said than done. but, the fact that you acknowledge His presence in your pure heart is amazing. its definitely a step in the right direction.

    even though we are all young, and want to have our fun, don't allow these earthly things to distract you from your main goal. kisses & hugs, camara.